diumenge, 7 de juny de 2009


ORIGIN OF THE HARVEST: Torroja del Priorat. Amitgers and Pardelasses are two propierties of the family Aixalà Jansana, the second one gives name to our wine, where we obtain the Grenache, less than 25 years and the Samson (Cariñena), the oldest vineyard. All the vineyards are in the heart of the appellation of origin qualified Priorat.

PROPERTIES: Amitgers/ Pardelasses. Llicorella is the most popular stone in our county, the altitude is 387m. (5 Polígon plot 114) of Torroja del Priorat.
Clivelles: many lands at the top of all land, in the middle Ferral.
Al coster de l’Alzina: At the cost of oak, there are blue stone, the same stone that we can find in the streets of the town. Altitude of 339m. (3 Polígono parcel 38) from Torroja del Priorat.

Treatment: non-aggressive. Our vineyards are not working with aggressive treatments. We only use sulfur powder, copper sulphate and the worm bacilo lus (The three products used in organic farming). Two soil tillage to respect the traditions of our ancient ancestors, based on the moon and temperatures. Fertilizers in the soil year if we do not sheep.

TOWN OF PREPARATION: Torroja del Priorat. The shortest distance between the vineyards and the winery that favors the harvest comes in optimal conditions, the key to obtaining good wine.

CELLAR: Once the grapes reach the winery is placed in French oak barrels, in which the temperature gets to be higher, without yeast, enzymes or other added activator. When, the fermentation Massera is right, we leave for 21 days and then go to the our boots half French oak and half American oak. Then, it will be inside until the time of bottling.

PRODUCTION: produce less than 3,000 bottles per year.

HARVEST BOTTLED: 2005, 2006 and 2007. TTHE HARVEST 2008 is keep in the calm of our cellar, in the barrels.

Blend: 50% Grenache 50% SAMS (Carignan)

DEGREES: 14.5 º

Aroma and flavour: If you taste this wine, you'll have the sensation of the Priorat in your mouth, having an incredible taste in slate, among other minerals, and forest fruits.

CONDITIONS OF THE HARVEST: PERFECT ITEM maduration. The harvest is gathered during the first hour, which makes it possible to maintain its freshness and aroma characteristics, which can be found for its consumption.



SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS: decanting. We recommend opening the bottle and the wine decanter, an hour before being consumed.

Contains sulphites